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The HIV online database is a tool for storing and processing data to facilitate users’ effective and efficient access, exploitation and use of data. Nghe An is the first province to have this database developed with support from the USAID Health System Strengtherning project implemented by CCRD. The database consists of the most basic and frequently-used indicators of the provincial HIV/AIDS program and is available through the official website of Nghe An Department of Health.

This periodically aggregated online database presents a comprehensive overview of the HIV/AIDS reporting data at provincial and district levels through a system of indicators reflecting the situation of HIV epidemic as well as the results of activities and resources of the HIV/AIDS prevention program of the province.

The indicators in this website are divided into 4 groups: Epidemiology, Prevention, Treatment and Prevention of mother-to-child transmission, and Resources. Within each group, reporting data is reported on a monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting to meet the needs of user data.

Data on the HIV online database is easily kept up-to-date by importing from available HIV software systems, national reports or provincial reports such as HIV INFO, Circular 03/2015/TT-BYT reports, care and treatment program reports, etc.

Before going live on the website, all data must be reviewed, reconciled and unified between all reporting levels involved to ensure accuracy and consistency. Login name and password are required for each reporting unit to ensure the accuracy and confidentiality of the data.

Interested users may visit the HIV online database website at  or




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