The purpose of the evaluation exercise is to collect socioeconomic and demographic data and information as well as knowledge on HIV/AIDS, reproductive health/family planning in order to measure, describe and analyze achievements of the project’s objectives as well as the impacts of drama “Desire of Life” at the end of the project.
The Center for Community Health Research and Development (CCRD) has been selected to provide comprehensive VCT, harm reduction services for young people at high risk of HIV/AIDS in 10 provinces.This is a sub-component under the Component 3 (Community-based HIV/AIDS Prevention) of the project “HIV/AIDS prevention among youth” that is funded by the ADB and the Government of Vietnam for a 5 year period (2006-2010) with a total budget of 26.7 millions USD. The ultimate goal of the Project is to help Viet Nam achieve target 7 of MDG 6: to have reduced by half by 2015 and begun to reverse…
Sex politics – Reports from the front lines is the outcome of a project launched by Sexuality policy Watch (SWP) in 2004: a transnational, cross cultural research initiative to capture some dynamic of sexual politics in our time. Research was performed in eight countries, including Vietnam and two global institutions, the United Nations and the World Bank. Research in Vietnam. Research in Vietnam explored the shift in social and health priorities from family planning to HIV/AIDS and was conducted in April, 2008.

CCRD’s mission is to contribute to the improvement and equity of health care and social advancement for the Vietnamese people through a systematic and sustainable approach that combines sound knowledge, cultural sensitivity and capacity building.

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