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CCRD's Highlights
Improving malnutrition for ethnic minority children
The BCC campaigns provide messages on how to feed children properly on a regular basis through diversified channels. Beside traditional channels such as the media and print materials, CCRD also assists the local authorities to develop new entertainment education formats with active participation from the local ethnic people and local languages
Audio/Visual Materials
  - The 19-episode TV serial drama “The Way Ahead” trailer:
trailerFilm The main plot of the drama is a dramatic love story of a noble-minded young couple – a female doctor and a male engineer. Their intended wedding party has been delayed continuously because of incidences and the obstacles caused by some evil influentials around them. Key messages of the above-mentioned health issues have been integated into the whole story in a natural and subtle way...
- A series of training videos for reducing Stigma and Discrimination in VCT settings in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand was produced by CCRD.This series of interactive videos demonstrate correct and incorrect behaviors of health and clinic personnel with self-guided questions and answers at the end of each segment
Research Reports
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