CCRD Supported Case Verification Of People Living With HIV In Quang Ninh Province, 2018

With experience in providing technical assistance to successfully implement the case verification of people living with HIV in Nghe An and Dien Bien provinces, the Center for Public Health Development Research (CCRD) has continued to support Quang Ninh province in implementing case verification of of people living with HIV since September 2018.

To ensure the activity carried out strictly according to the precribed process and achieve the best results at all levels, CCRD has cooperated with the Center for Disease Control of Quang Ninh province to conduct 7 training courses on the process of reviewing data of people living with HIV at the community in September 2018 for staff at all levels.

At the training courses, the staff participated in the whole process of conducting data review in the community to be ready for the case verification from September to December 2018 across the province. With the active technical support of CCRD, 5,428 people living with HIV information across the province were reviewed in the community and counseled to send 71 more infected people to ART.

This activity was carried out in the framework of the project  “Enhanced Community HIV Link-Northern” funded by USAID.

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