USAID C-Link Northern launched community – public partnership initiative in Hanoi

USAID C-Link Northern launched community – public partnership initiative in Hanoi:

On January 12, 2021, Center for Community Health Research and Development (CCRD) – implementing partner of the USAID C-Link Northern project – and Hanoi Center for Disease Control (Hanoi CDC) co-organized a launching workshop on CBOs-public collaboration initiative in HIV/AIDS Prevention in Hanoi. The workshop was co-chaired by VAAC and USAID with full partcipation from 11 CBOs and 20 public health facilities in Hanoi. The workshop highlights indispensable role and outstanding contributions of the community-based services in the City’s HIV/AIDS programs in the last three decades and map out the concrete strategy for institutionalization of the long existing partnership between the CBOs and the public health sector.  All health facilities showed keen interests in comunity-based services and demonstrated strong will to foster their collaboration with the CBOs for more effective and higher quality HIV services in the City.

Representatives of CBOs and health facilities shared experience for effective collaboration Leader of VAAC giving directions at the workshop

This is a significant mile stone marking a remarkable change in the positioning of CBOs that will strengthen the sustainability and efficiency of community-based services in the HIV/AIDS programs.  

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