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The formative study was an activity of the project: “HIV/AIDS Prevention among Youth, 2007-2011” with the overall goal is to reduce HIV-infection risk among youth aged 15-24 through behavior change communication (BCC) programs. This study was implemented in January, 2008 to explore the prevailing preferences, aspiration, ideals, values and norms of the Vietnamese youth.


The Center for Community Health Research and Development (CCRD) in collaboration with The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHU) have completed the “Asia Second Hand Smoke Monitoring Project ” in Hanoi in June, 2010. This objects to find the relationship between smoke and health by measuring indoor air-quality and secondhand smoke in public areas (school, hospital, restaurant, etc…)
The analysis was conducted in December, 2006 to provide the specific and real data base to formulate guidelines and to improve the effectiveness of multi-sectoral coordination in HIV/AIDS prevention and control in accordance to the directive 54-CT/TW.

CCRD’s mission is to contribute to the improvement and equity of health care and social advancement for the Vietnamese people through a systematic and sustainable approach that combines sound knowledge, cultural sensitivity and capacity building.

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