Training course on “Enhanced Capacity in Leadership for Community-Based Organizations”

Nowadays, community-based organizations (CBOs) in Vietnam need to be equipped with knowledge plus skills and must reduce maximum dependence on resources from aid projects to be able to maintain and sustainably grow their organizations. When international resources gradually reduce, this capacity will help CBOs to demonstrate their ability to participate as a successful partner in HIV prevention programs. Perceiving that leadership is one of the necessary skills for sustainable development, the CCRD organized a training course “Enhanced Capacity in Leadership for Community- based Organizations” in the context of the Enhanced Community HIV Link – Northern” project which was funded by USAID in April, 2017.

The training course attracted participation of 11 CBOs’ leaders and core members in Hanoi and Nghe An. Over 3 days of training, the leaders of CBOs honed their leadership skills, improved critical and analytical thinking ability as well as equipped themselves with knowledge about specific fields in managing an organization such as human resource management and finance/accounting.

Participants sharing their experiences
Participants sharing group discussion results  

In addition to engaging teaching methods and diversified, practical content, the training course not only enhanced knowledge and skills but it also inspired participants to improve themselves in order to further develop and bring value to groups or organizations:

I deeply felt the fire inside me after this training course. I also had a new way thinking about goals and strategies in the future to develop organization sustainably” - Lai Thi Hong – leaders of Mat Troi Cua Be group

This training course was so different from others. It was so interesting and engaging. I just wanted it to last forever.” - Tong Thi Thu Ha - leader of Tong Ha group

This training course inspired me to change and come up with new ideas for my job. I feel it has changed my understanding of, and approach to leadership” - Nguyen Thi Thu - leader of Suc Moi group

 Certificates awarded after the training course

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