Research “Assessing equity in Health care financing in Vietnam”

Within the framework of the project “Assessing equity in Health care financing in Vietnam” implemented by the Institute for Social Development Studies (ISDS) and the Rockefeller Foundation, the Center for Community Health Research Development (CCRD) gave technical assistance on health financing to provide better understanding of the Vietnam health financing systems. The report was made in 2010.

The project was aimed (1) to describe the evolution of the health care financing policies/actions related to improving health equity during the past three decades in Vietnam, (2) to assess the extent of the health care financing policies/actions reach and how the health outcomes of different groups of disadvantaged populations (the poor, the elderly, the children, the women, ethnic minorities, and the people living in remote areas, etc.) in the country  were affected, (3) to identify major constraints and barriers in past effort to improve the health care financing for health equity in Vietnam.

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CCRD’s mission is to contribute to the improvement and equity of health care and social advancement for the Vietnamese people through a systematic and sustainable approach that combines sound knowledge, cultural sensitivity and capacity building.

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