Capacity building for improving quality of health information-education-communication




In an effort to promote the development of an organization in health and development  behavior change communication in Vietnam, the Atlantic Philanthropies, an international foundation, is supporting CCRD in the project “Capacity building for improving quality of health information-education-communication” for the period from 2007 – 2011, with a total budget of USD2.7 million.
The long-term objective of the project is to contribute to improving the quality of life of the  Vietnamese people by promoting the healthier behaviors of both individuals and the community.
The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. Strengthen capacities for CCRD in designing, managing and providing technical support for BCC and entertainment-education programs and projects of health care and the social development in    Vietnam. Obtain the sustainability of the Center’s development and activities which are aimed for community health improvement.

  2. Produce high quality health education products that attract many people especially those with limited approach to traditional health education information channel such as adolescent and minorities.

  3. Contribute to obtain concrete changes in knowledge, attitude and positive behaviors related to health care and protection of individual and community, particularly the high- risk groups.

  4. Contribute to intensify the extensive co-ordination between non-Government and social and professional organizations and Government professional agencies in order to  improve the   effectiveness of the socialization activities of people’s health care in general and health IEC in particular in Vietnam.

  5. Contribute to health and social science research activities by conducting high quality research that will be published in international health journals.

For the past two years,  CCRD has been actively expanding its capacity in health communication through hiring of new staff with communication skills, providing health communication training courses to both in-house staff and external organizations, acquiring and implementing health communication contracts, conducting more research related to health communication as well as broadening its partnerships with communication agencies and specialists.
With ongoing technical assistance from The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Communication Programs (CCP), CCRD has achieved impressive initial outputs such as conducting the first ever “Leadership in Strategic Health Communication Workshop” in Vietnam for both Vietnamese and international participants; the training workshop on “Advanced Research Methods in Evaluation Communication and Public Health Programs” for participants from 11 Medical Universities and academic institutions in Vietnam; the in-house training on “Communication Theories” for CCRD staff; the design and development of scripts for a 19-episode entertainment-education TV drama; development of its website; development of training and educational videos to be used in health service settings and communities under contract with international organizations (Futures Group and Bloomberg School of Public Health).
CCRD has successfully conducted a number of large scale (national and regional samples) health communication related research such as: baseline survey, formative research and audience feedback research for the Ministry of Health’s health communication programs and campaigns.

These achievements have been laying the solid ground for CCRD to develop into a strong and credible organization in health and development behavior change communication.
Here are some activities of the project:

  1. The second workshop "Leadership in Strategic Health Communication”, September 2009

  2. The first workshop "Leadership in Strategic Health Communication Workshop", September, 2008

  3. SCOPE: strategic communication planning and evaluation for Vietnamese

  4. Production of a 19 episode TV serial drama "The Way Ahead"

  5. Casting news

  6. "Advanced Research Methods in Evaluating Communication and Public Health Programs" workshop in 2009

  7. "Advanced Research Methods in Evaluating Communication and Public Health Programs" workshop in 2008

  8. Message Design Workshop for Entertainment-Education Program in Television in 2007




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CCRD’s mission is to contribute to the improvement and equity of health care and social advancement for the Vietnamese people through a systematic and sustainable approach that combines sound knowledge, cultural sensitivity and capacity building.

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