The purpose of the study was to better understand the HIV/AIDS situation among the group of young people living in Lao Cai. The specific objectives contained (1) to assess knowledge, attitudes, practices and health behaviors (KAPB) regarding HIV/AIDS among the youth group at high risk; (2) to identify factors elevating the risk of HIV/AIDS among the youth; (3) to identify protective factors and preventive measures for HIV/AIDS among this population.This research was conducted in August, 2005.
The survey was conducted to discover knowledge, attitude, practice and behavior (KAPB) on HIV/AIDS prevention of people living at 2 districts in Hoa Binh province. The main specific objectives comprised: (1) to study the responses to HIV/AIDS of people focusing on IEC and BCC activities; (2) to assess accessibility and utility of heath care services at different levels of the project sites; (3) to assess the needs for capacity building of the officials involved in HIV/AIDS activities. This survey was implemented in March, 2004.
The study was implemented in July, 2004 to achieve the following objectives: (1) to characterize the gaps in needs and reproductive health care services (RHCSs) for HIV/AIDS infected women and (2) to make appropriate recommendations on quality improvement of RHCSs) and to curb the increase in HIV cases at the community. Information obtained in this qualitative study relied on in-depth interviews and group discussions with the participation of 49 subjects in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.