For the purposes of discussion and receiving feedback for the draft Technical Guideline Standard Operating Procedure for implementing HIV case reporting according to Circular 09/2012/TT-BYT via cooperation between the CCRD and Vietnam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control (VAAC), VAAC organized a Technical Working Group meeting on February 6th, 2018
For the purpose of improving data quality and sharing experiences of implementation case reporting verification in Nghe An, Dien Bien, and other provinces/cities, the Center for Community Health Research and Development (CCRD) collarborated with Vietnam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control to organize the National workshop on HIV case verification and case reporting in Ha Noi on September 20th, 2018.
On August, 27th, 2018, the CCRD collaborated with the Nghe An Provincial HIV/AIDS Center (PAC) to organize a project review and transference conference in order to share results and lessons learnt in the process of project implementation. Additionally, the CCRD and Nghe An province made plans to liaise in the near future about HIV prevention activities.