The P-Process is the framework that tells you step by step how to develop a strategic health communication program. It is a roadmap to guide you from the first rough notion that you might want to promote a specific health practice-like family planning, HIV/AIDS prevention, breastfeeding, child immunization, or stopping drug abuse to a completed program with a demonstrated impact

P-Process was developed in 1982 by the first partners in the Population Communication Services project to help staffs, donors and host-country counterparts design effective communication projects for behavior change. It is used in

1. Project and program design
2. Workshops and Classes
3.Interactive computerized SCOPE training and planning
4. Brochures, reports, manuals and posters
5. Presentations and publications

Over the last 15 years of experience, the P-Process has been revised to reflect better the needs of the field and improvements in knowledge. The revised P-Process adds the following new elements to the original formulation: emphasis on national communication strategies and positioning of products, practices and services; more effective message development using the Seven Cs of Communication; management for results; building a positive organizational climate; theory-based impact evaluation with multiple data resources; and early planning for resource generation and sustainability.

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