Provincial HIV/AIDS Online Database Available For Planning And Policy Making

In order to meet the urgent need to find and use data in planning and policy making of agencies in the field of HIV / AIDS prevention, the Center for Community Health Research and Development (CCRD) has supported the development and development of an online HIV database for Nghe An province – one of the 10 provinces with a high HIV prevalence per 100,000 people nationwide.

This is a useful tool for people working in the management, implementation and policy making of the HIV / AIDS program or anyone who wants to study basic information about HIV / AIDS prevention at the provincial level. This online database provides a complete set of basic indicators for prevention, treatment, and financial resources that are presented in  different charts and tables for many purposes and subjects of use. In addition, the data in the database is updated regularly and is strictly managed to ensure its high accuracy.

From August 2018, the online HIV database has been officially integrated with the Department of Health’s Web Portal of Nghe An province through the domain name:

In December 2018, CCRD organized a workshop on dissemination of online HIV database for provincial mass organizations and a training course on how to use the HIV database for provincial and 21 district officials.

At the workshop, the leaders of Nghe An Department of Health highly appreciated the usefulness and convenience of this database, acknowledging the huge role of CCRD in assisting Nghe An to develop the chapter information system. effective and comprehensive HIV / AIDS program over the years

After more than a year of operating this system, there have been more than 2,265 users of this database, 15% of users return to use it monthly.

This activity is implemented under the project “HIV/AIDS Information System Strengthening” funded by USAID.

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