The organization system of National AIDS program in Vietnam

To achieve the Millennium Development Goals, a series of important activities have been implemented by National AIDS program in order to identify major constraints and shortcomings of the program and to overcome them in the forthcoming time. One of these activities is to conduct the Study on the organization system of the National AIDS Program in Vietnam from the central to provincial levels which objectives aimed to map out a blueprint for improvement of the organization system of the program. This study was carried out in August, 2003.

To collect and analyze information on the organizational structure of the current HIV/AIDS prevention network and to propose appropriate and feasible alternative organizational models, thus contributing to an effective combat against HIV/AIDS in Vietnam.

This is a descriptive operational research using mainly the qualitative method in combination with the quantitative one. 11 group discussions and 46 in depth interviews were carried out to collect information relating to organizational network, management and operation. A structured questionnaire was sent to all 61 provinces/cites to collect information on personnel, training, monitoring, planning and financial issues. Five provinces and cities also selected for in depth analysis on structure and organization were Hanoi, Lang Son, Hai Duong, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. The organizational models for National Program for Tuberculosis control and Population and Family Planning Program also were analyzed for the advantages and disadvantages of those programs as well as comparing the similarities and differences to the National HIV/AIDS program.

Key informants participated in the study included the current HIV/AIDS network at all levels in Vietnam; relevant ministries/sectors, such as Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, Ministry of Public Security, Government Office, Ministry of Health and some other members, such as Women’s Union, Youth Union and Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Results revealed that the essential and necessary factors for a sustainable and effective program were not established at the time of the survey. The incompleteness and frequent organizational alteration, plus the insufficient of human resources have had direct impacts on the capacity of the program in most of areas. The strategic planning, projection of the epidemic as well as the national goals and indicators, etc. have not been clearly identified.

The organizational system of the national HIV/AIDS frequently changed and in-uniformity of the system especially at provincial level, causing great difficulties for the management and guidance of the program. Some legal documents on organization lack of accuracy and timeliness. In many cases, the instructions become a matter of formality and sometime there are conflicts between legal documents.

Therefore, implementation of the program and designing organizational system at provincial level faced many problems.The human resource of AIDS system is insufficient, both in number and capacity of management and professional. In addition, the multi-functional status of the leaders and key people at all levels of HIV/AIDS system caused the overlaps, inconsistency and ineffectiveness in program management and implementation.

Coordination between 3 key ministries: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Labor-War Invalids-Social Affairs have heavy formality from ministerial to provincial level.

Four solutions for the organization system of national AIDS programs in Vietnam were proposed with clarifying advantages and disadvantages of every model. The report also emphasize the important role and necessity of the following tasks: 1) developing National Strategy and Master Plan on HIV/AIDS in Viet Nam, 2) strengthening the multi sectoral cooperation and the participation of the social organizations, 3) a single focal point at the central level to unique direction and 4) improving capacity of the program management system with the specific solutions.

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