Pathways for participation: Strengthening the Civil Society Response to HIV in Vietnam

CCRD is one of five organizations which have been selected as Pathways Lead Partners of “Pathways for participation” – a project under PEPFAR funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID). This 5-year project will be implemented in 9 provinces and completed by 2016. The aim of the project is to enhance the capacity and position of civil society organizations (CSOs) providing HIV services at community level in order to improve service quality and access to services of people living with HIV (PLHIV) and  most-at-risk populations (MARPs).

In the role of Lead Partner in organizational development and coordinator of the project in Dien  Bien and Lao Cai, CCRD will focus on enhancing CSOs’ organizational development capacity and service quality in terms of HIV prevention, care and support, improving the role and voices of CSOs in HIV/AIDS control in the two provinces as well as supporting other Lead Partners in organizational development in the remaining 7 project provinces. To achieve our objectives, CCRD will implement a series of activities including assessment of CSOs’ capacity and need, training for CSOs on organizational development and service provisions, supporting CSOs to develop effective, evidence-based activities and sustainable financial strategy, supporting CSOs’ livelihood initiatives, which create jobs for PLHIV and MARPs. In addition, CCRD will also work to expand network among CSOs and to connect CSOs with HIV prevention organizations and programs of the government and private sector, helping them to involve in the policy making process at provincial level.

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