SCOPE: strategic communication planning and evaluation for Vietnamese

SCOPE is an interactive computer software simulation program, and has now been redeveloped as a planning tool that assists users in designing and implementing effective health communication projects in their countries data on other health topics and areas.

Developed by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Communication Programs (JHU/CCP), SCOPE integrates communication theory and strategies with actual data from specific countries. The process leads the user to make decisions based on qualitative and quantitative data housed within the software.

SCOPE uses as its basic framework the “P-Process”, a five step health communication planning process developed at CCP. Participants use relevant program, audience and media research to design and plan their program. They select audiences, types of research, media and messages to maximize the impact of campaigns on public health knowledge, attitudes and behavior.

SCOPE provides users with an appreciation of the magnitude and complexity of Strategic Behavior Change Communication challenges. It encourages careful data analysis as the scientific basis for project planning. It promotes multistage planning based on the audience segments, environment and state of health intervention activities in a given country. The user develops an understanding of how management and research tools help planners identify and analyze cost-effective communication interventions before trying to implement them on a large scale in the field.

SCOPE Vietnam incorporates Vietnam specific data on HIV and AIDS currently. This includes information regarding national and regional media outlets, geographically coded health statistics suitable for mapping applications within SCOPE, national and regional long term indicators to assist in project planning, monitoring and evaluation, and functions for relating this data to overall program objectives.  It is planned that the next version of SCOPE will include data on other health topics and areas.

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